Keith Maynard in a red shirt

With over 20 years in the Industry as a presenter and actor Keith is at home whether in front of the camera or a live audience. An engaging and flexible performer his professionalism, energy and enthusiasm for life shines through all his work.

Keith has been using theatre as a training and development tool for nearly 20 years and regularly works with a varied spectrum of organisations and institutions. He is experienced in one-to-one role-plays (an effective tool for practising difficult conversations), Forum Theatre (where group feedback assesses the personal impact and communication of the participants), Hot Seating (useful for exploring the depth and complexity of human action) & scripted performances where the key messages unfold within the drama of the piece. 

Keith also now creates regular weekly video content for several international clients. He can provide either raw Green Screen content or fully edited and finished videos.


Keith Maynard presenting with a horse

Acting & Presenting

Keith has been working as an actor and presenter for over 20 years. He can currently be seen presenting on QVC in the UK, Italy and the USA alongside numerous independent projects for a wide variety of production companies.

Keith Maynard by a video camera

Video Production

Raw Green Screen content or fully edited and finished videos. Recently he has started shooting a lot of Talking Head E-Learning content and helps companies produce high quality video for a fraction of the normal price.

Keith Maynard on a stage coaching


Presentation skills training for aspiring presenters and business leaders looking to develop their executive presence. Personal confidence, understanding body language and how to develop and use your voice effectively.